Our services include:



Our interpretation services include all levels of interpretation (Sight, Consecutive, Relay and Simultaneous). Our interpreters are well-experienced in a variety of fields (medical, legal, technical, business, education, and other fields) and are native Spanish-speakers from various Latin American countries. We count with qualified and certified interpreters all over Colorado (Front Range, from Pueblo to Denver, Boulder/Fort Collins, and the Roaring Fork Valley: Aspen-Glenwood Springs-Parachute). Need an interpreter? Click here

The following are some examples of settings we could help bridge your communication needs:

Legal Appointments such as: Depositions, Court Hearings, meetings with attorneys or clients, vocational evaluations.

Medical Appointments such as: Physical Therapies, DIMEs, IMEs, surgeries.

Educational events such as: parent/teacher conferences, school activities, parents’ readiness events and other conferences.

• Business meetings and conferences.

Online applications of employment, rental properties, social security benefits, unemployment, Connect for Health Colorado and many other online and paper applications.

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We also translate documents from birth and marriage certificates to technical manuals. We certify and notarize all of our translations as requested by the receiving agency. If you are traveling or moving overseas and need your birth certificate translated and with an Apostille, we can help you with that as well. Need a quote? Click here

Examples of documents we can translate for you are:

Birth and death certificates, marriage certificates/licenses

Powers of Attorney

Divorce decrees

Diplomas and School Transcripts

Operations Manuals, Advertising Material, and other business literature

Letters and other notes of relevant nature



All types of legal documents

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Tax Preperation & ITIN


Analyze deductions

Electronic filing
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Refund options such as direct deposit, pre-paid card, money order, etc.

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Prepare 1099s for sub-contractors

Quartely taxes payment

Analyze trends

Provide Recommendations

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ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) application

An ITIN is a taxpayer identification number issued by the IRS to individuals who do not have a Social Security Number and are not eligible to obtain one.

Rosana Ramponi, D.B.A. Prontocom is one of a handful of Certifying Acceptance Agents (CAA) in Colorado Springs. A CAA is an agent that ensures accurate documents are used for ITIN applications, while allowing taxpayers to retain those documents. In other words, in lieu of sending original documentation, primary and secondary applicants will have the option to use a CAA.

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Business set up

Registration of your business with the Secretary of State

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS

Help you prepare a W-9

Recommendation for Bank Account

One on one or group training on different topics to help business grow

Referral to Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Insurance



Prepare 1099s for sub-contractors

Quarterly taxes payment

Analyze trends

Provide Recommendations


Create letterhead

Marketing tips

Invoice/estimate templates

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Personal Finance Consulting

Get out of debt

Learn to set up an emergency fund

Create a budget

Save for a house down payment

Create a wealthy and secure retirement

Guide you and your spouse to talk about money

Teach your children how to save, spend and give

Perform a credit check and recommendations on improvements

Negotiate with Collectors

Protect yourself from identity theft

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Public  Notary

Several in-house public notaries

Apostille services

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Disclaimer: PRONTOCOM is NOT an attorney’s office or legal office and does not provide legal/immigration advice. The materials available at this web site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem.

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