Community Involvement

PRONTOCOM and its CEO Rosana Ramponi, believe that actively participating in the community, giving time and money and connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations are crucial to the strength and development of any small business. Therefore we proudly support the following entities that help our community become a better place to live.

Breakfast for CPCD Head Start

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CPCD Headstart is a program that helps many of our Hispanic families’ education, for which PRONTOCOM has been an ardent sponsor for several years. Above is a picture of Rosana Ramponi, together with other members of the Esperanza Education Foundation. CPCD gives opportunities for advancement to children of low-income families.


Breakfast at CASA


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CASA is a nonprofit organization in which volunteers represent the best interests of vulnerable children. PRONTOCOM has been a constant sponsor of this program. Here, you can see Rosana Ramponi attending CASA’s annual Breakfast fundraiser. This organization helps many of the vulnerable children in our community and promotes community awareness of the issues of abuse, neglect or domestic conflict.



Esperanza Education Foundation

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Pictured is the recipient of the Esperanza Education Foundation Scholarship. Rosana Ramponi, CEO of PRONTOCOM, has been part of the Board of Directors for EEF for the last 10 years and, as a strong believer of education, has sponsored young adults in their college education endeavor. This organization’s mission is to provide scholarships to high school students and adults pursuing a college degree.






Centro de la Familia

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On the left you can see Rosana Ramponi, PRONTOCOM’s CEO and Carmen Ortiz, part of the PRONTOCOM administrative team at Centro de la Familia’s Salsa Extravaganza held at The Pinery at the Hill. PRONTOCOM’s charitable contribution to Centro de la Familia through this fundraising event will help fund Centro de la Familia’s mission in providing services to strengthen Hispanic families in our community.


 Ybara’s Boxing Gym

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PRONTOCOM is a proud sponsor of Ybarra’s Boxing Gym and the events it produces. Above is Rosana Ramponi with Luis Joe Ybarra whom, with Prontocom’s support, became a champion. Luis Joe Ybarra has his sights set on the 2020 Olympics and Prontocom plans on helping him and other boxers get there.


Latina Voices
– 2014 Speaker

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 2.42.15 PMAs an active latina in the Hispanic community of southern Colorado, Rosana spoke at this event about the paths she has taken to succeed in the US and the challenges that existed in particular segments of our culture.

Other contributions:

• Expo Mentoria: Red Empresarial Hispana

• Latino Luncheon

• Apostolic Assembly

• Iglesia Cristiana Alfa y Omega

• Ministerios Gloria de Sion

• St Dominic’s Catholic Church

• Past board member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

• Past board member of the Damas Latinas of Colorado

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